Be My Muse

Ay, be my muse.

The Coolest Love Song Ever

"Be My Muse" is a song by the hip hop group 1st released on October 1st.

Song Synopsis

"Be My Muse" is one of those rare songs that you just love instantly when hearing it. It's a feel good song that makes you believe that everything is right in the world. 1st members JClay and Supreme deliver memorable verses that you will want to recite over and over to that special someone in your life.

This is another hip-hop hit produced by J. Caspersen and you can hear he has an ear for success.

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Post Your Muse

Ladies and fellas, show off your muse even if they don't know you exist. Post a pic of him or her on Instagram with the hashtag #BeMyMuse. If you brave enough, tag em.

Quick question, is the plural for muse meese?

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