About 1st

"positivity that jams"


Birthplace: Chicago, IL


Birthplace: Fort Worth, TX

1st is a hip-hop duo comprised of members Jelani "JClay" Clay and Troy "Supreme" Washington.

JClay and Supreme have found themselves on the front end of many firsts. JClay has worked as a NASA scientist and was his high school's valedictorian. Supreme is the #1 Realtor in Texas and has inspired thousands with his motivational speaking engagements. Among their rapping peers, the two are known as leaders, innovators, and just overall good dudes.

The 1st members initially met in college and since pairing have opened for many hip-hop greats performing in front of sold-out crowds, been sponsored by Ed Hardy, and have broken sales records with merchandise sold in every major mall in the Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth areas.

JClay and Supreme have even created a child development company Every Child Wins that continues to teach hundreds of thousands of children the basics through music in a fun and easy way.