Ballet will never be the same. You ever seen a booty on a Ballerina?

The Ultimate Booty Workout Song

"Ballerina" is a song by the hip hop group 1st released on September 1st.

You ever seen a booty on a ballerina?
Finesse on 'em, yeah
Now flex on 'em, hol' up yeah
You ever seen...have, have you ever?

Verse 1 (JClay)
Yeah, I just want you to drop it
The abundance of rotundness makes it philosophic
Plus I feel I'm feeling philanthropic
Tutu's and boots and I'm finna knock it
This ima remember like I'm outside myself
I wanna say "ooh nigga" like I'm beside myself
It's like an ocean a river and I can guide myself
You could've had any nigga but still I pride myself
You got me going crazy girl
I'm on this La-Z-Boy, I'm glad you not a lazy girl
And I'm a titty boy, shoot sway me girl
It goes beyond sayin' like you Jay-Z girl
Throw that throw that curse word like it's your first words
I'm just tryin' shoot, I'm just tryna worse word
Plus I need a sip, can only think of thirst words
You are blessed girl, can I get a church word!


Verse 2 (Supreme)
The newest phenomenon
Keeping me cheesing like Parmesan
Got the audience in Juilliard trippin' they know I’m a throw you a hundred ones
And you know we gone have us a ton of fun, hun
I knew from the moment I saw you was on it the way that you owned it
I wanted me some of them Honey Buns uhh
You get slick with it
Standing on your toes then you dip with it
I know you gotta be tired
Well let me help you retire
Fulfill your every desire
Start kissing it
Before we go any further let me interject
Just wanna see if your body match your intellect
Already know that you have an awesome silhouette
Cause he be standing at attention when you pirouette, so
It feels like you callin' me callin' me
And if you ain't baby you ought to be
Imagine us off on an island reclining
That's where we'd go if you just follow me
I just wanna take you away, yeah
Yeah take you away
You can be my baby baby
And I'll take you to play
Oh, now back to reality
I guess I need to get your name, oh it's Mallory
My name is Troy I seen you walking by the gallery
And can I take you out on a date and get you a daiquiri
So I know that you that you dance
Ballerina right I am a fan
Your moves is why I'm in a trance
Forgive me for watching what's off in your pants


*Imagine yourself at a 1st concert in a 1st shirt vibin wit us*

Song Synopsis

At 1st listen "Ballerina" may seem like yet another booty appreciation song, but it has much more to offer. Besides a hit song filled with witty wordplay, clever analogies, and unforgettable melodies, "Ballerina" pays homage to today's businesswoman.

I'm just here to say you have a very dope song!@hollytushe
Successful ballerinas are dedicated to their audience, exemplify tremendous character, portray flawless beauty inside & out, and are bosses in the literal sense of the word. Take for example superstar ballerina Misty Copeland. Her devotion to her craft has rewarded her not just with financial success and physical beauty, but a happiness that no person can ever take away.

This song is for the women that embody the characteristics of a true ballerina. "Ballerina" is for all the dancers, the models, the adult-entertainment stars, the fitness women, mothers, and much much more.

Produced by J. Caspersen, this hip-hop hit is sure to get the women dancing and the fellas daydreaming that they are being danced for.

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Take The Ballerina Challenge

Ladies, let us see what you got. Upload yourself flexin' and finessin' to Ballerina on IG. Become come part of the #BallerinaChallenge

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Quick Steps:

  1. Download the Ballerina MP3 above.
  2. Record a video of you flexin' and finessin' while Ballerina plays in the background.
  3. Save it and upload it to IG with the hashtag #BallerinaChallenge.
  4. Tag somebody you want to challenge.

Fancy Steps:

  1. Download the Ballerina MP3 above.
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  3. Email [email protected] your video with the Subject "I Wanna Be Fancy" and your IG name.
  4. Our techs will make it look all fancy and we'll send it back to you.
  5. Upload it to IG with the hashtag #BallerinaChallenge.
  6. Tag somebody you want to challenge.

Now flex on em. Finesse on em!

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